Isolated phase buses for powerplants Isolated phase buses for powerplants Isolated phase buses for powerplants Isolated phase buses for powerplants


The maintenance ensures a smooth running of the power plant.


Thanks to the expertise of IPB Services (Eines Group), we will propose you some solutions for an optimal cost by replacing ageing or faulty equipment of your installation.


Financially speaking, the cost of a correct maintenance is negligible compared to the cost incurred by an unit shutdown caused by a failure of an item of Isolated Phases Busduct or its associated equipment.



Ours mains services offerred:


1. Global inspection, analysis and diagnostic:


  • Enclosure and conductor
  • Insulators
  • Seal-Off bushing
  • Jointing
  • Enclosure expansion & terminals bellows
  • Bolted disconnect joint
  • Support structures


2. Associated equipment inspection:


  • Pressurization, condensation control system
  • Generator terminal casing
  • Generator neutral formation (star point)
  • Earthing
  • Voltage transformer cubicle
  • Neutral grounding transformer cubicle
  • Circuit breakers, switches and transformers


3. Analysis by online observations with infrared camera


4. HiPot Test


5. Grounding - Inspection & testing


6. Documentation and reporting




In collaboration with our expertise department:


  • Establishment of an audit with control and electrical tests
  • Deploying of supervisors and/or experts on site
  • Equipment repairing

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